Area Orientation

Assignees' first impressions of a new host country have a significant impact on their decision to accept an assignment and on their attitudes as they prepare for the transition. IOR's Destination Services Consultants are true "ambassadors" of the cities in which they live. Acting as advocates for our clients, the IOR Destination Service Consultant helps employees feel at home in their new location. At the same time, they listen to the needs of the employee and family so they can get a head start on planning for a smooth and rewarding relocation.

IOR's Destination Services Consultants pride themselves on designing the ideal area tour of the new international location. They familiarize the expatriate and family with the local area based on their specific needs. Tours may include: an introduction to various communities; points of interest; housing styles; transportation options; and other areas of interest identified by the assignee before or during the trip.

Assignees and their families receive a customized Welcome Packet which provides important information about the local area. The Welcome Packet may include: area maps; restaurant guide; community and school information; entertainment, sporting and cultural information; Department of Motor Vehicle information, driving regulations and public transportation details; local registration processes; emergency / medical emergency procedures; and a list of helpful websites for area information.

In addition to Area Orientation, IOR also offers Language Training and Cultural Training programs, helping your assignee and their family successfully manage their global assignment.