Poland: Values                                           


  • The concept of time is important in Poland.

  • Polish people are generally punctual and try to be on time.

  • Usually for formal situations they will be on time, or even 5-10 minutes early.

  • However, for a dinner party at somebody’s house, it is acceptable to arrive 10-30 minutes late.


Family Time

  • Families usually get together to celebrate name days (see below) and birthdays.

  • They also meet at weddings, funerals, and different sorts of anniversaries, to which most family members (both close and extended relatives) are invited.

  • During such family meetings people usually enjoy a meal together.


Name Days

  • The Name Day is the Polish tradition of naming children after saints.

  • The importance of the saints and the saint’s Feast Days (the date that the saint was canonized) resulted in many parents using the Roman calendar to name their children. Parents typically chose the name of a saint that had a Feast Day close to the birth or baptismal date of their child.

  • It is traditional to call and wish the person Wszystkiego Najlepszego.

  • Originally the day was for honoring one's patron saint but, in modern times, it is generally a time for parties and gift giving.


Time with Friends

  • Meeting with friends is an important part of Polish culture.

  • People meet in pubs, bars, coffee houses, discos and clubs.

  • Poles also like inviting friends over for dinner. Pizza is a popular meal young people share together!

  • Typically, Poles will gather in a group of 5-10 people.