Argentina: Values & Perceptions                                      

Below are some generalizations that apply to many Argentines:

  • Family-oriented

  • Time is flexible (being on-time is not expected)

  • Group harmony (going along with the group is important)

  • Talkative

  • Joie de vivre (generally positive and happy)

  • Spiritual (especially follow Christian faiths)

  • Superstitious

  • Patriotic

  • Gregarious

  • Relaxed (don’t take life too seriously)

  • Class conscious

  • Feel connected to their European roots

  • See themselves as unique in South America

  • Express emotion easily and publically

  • Personal space = minimal (lots of touching, hugging, and kissing!)  

David Beckham poses with children in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Beckham is in Argentina to film a documentary about soccer.