Canada: Values                                                              

How Canadians View Themselves

  • Lots of land
  • Untapped natural resources
  • Have lots of opportunities
  • Diverse
  • Team loyalty
  • Conservative people
  • Community oriented
  • Tolerant
  • Non-violent 
  • Social programs – government spending ok
  • Peace-keepers – diplomatic
  • Outdoorsy – love sports


Canada: People                                                               


Canada's high level of diversity distinguishes it from most other countries. Its inhabitants reflect a cultural, ethnic and linguistic makeup found nowhere else on earth.


Approximately 200,000 immigrants a year from all parts of the globe continue to choose Canada, drawn by its quality of life and its reputation as an open, peaceful and caring society that welcomes newcomers and values diversity.

Human Rights

The mission of the Human Rights Program is to promote the development, understanding, respect for and enjoyment of human rights in Canada.

International Relations

The primary responsibility of the International Relations Directorate is the coordination and advancement of the Government of Canada's perspectives on the international dialogue on cultural diversity initiated several years ago. The Directorate also houses the International Network on Cultural Policy's Liaison Bureau.

Aboriginal Programs

Canadian Heritage is committed to improving the quality of life of Aboriginal Peoples and supporting their full participation and cultural revitalization in Canadian society.  Programs and initiatives apply to such diverse areas as languages, broadcasting, heritage, women and youth. Our policy and research further focuses on Aboriginal cultures, languages, and identity, and the unique place of Aboriginal societies within Canada.

Aboriginal Peoples, their cultures and their contributions lie at the heart of Canadian identity. We work with Aboriginal Peoples, primarily off-reserve, to celebrate and strengthen their cultural distinctiveness as an integral part of Canadian diversity.

Status of Women in Canada

Status of Women Canada (SWC) is a federal government organization that promotes the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada. SWC works to advance equality for women and to remove the barriers to women's participation in society, putting particular emphasis on increasing women's economic security and eliminating violence against women.