Global talent management continues to be a top priority for companies as they seek to accelerate high performance and foster innovation.  A variety of intercultural assessment tools can be used to help you with your global talent strategy. These instruments:

  • Help global teams leverage their unique cultural diversity for greater results. 
  • Guide companies in the selection and development of their high potential talent for global leadership roles. 

Tools for the Selection Process

Designed to assist in selecting employees for international assignments or for work in multicultural groups, these tools measure:

  • Adaptability - adaptability & readiness for international assignments
  • Intercultural Competence - attitude, knowledge, and skills for work in multicultural environments

Tools for the Development Process

Using tools as part of talent development provides a focal point for building the knowledge and skills needed by individuals and teams who are working internationally or in a multicultural work environment. Global assessment tools are used to set learning objectives and measure progress in a variety of learning situations including:

  • Intercultural Awareness - knowledge of cultural difference and its impact on work environments
  • Intercultural Coaching - in preparation for or during multicultural work assignments
  • Team Functions - check of team systems, including impact of multicultural membership
  • Work Style - awareness of personal style preferences and adaptation tendencies under stress

NOTE: None of these tools are proprietary to IOR Global Services.  IOR continually surveys the market of intercultural assessment instruments to identify the most well-designed and research-supported tools for clearly identified applications. We provide objective recommendations as to the most appropriate tools for our client’s needs and budget.  IOR oversees the administration and interpretation of the assessment tools, and our trainers are certified in multiple tools.