The First Time Expatriate 

The most successful assignees are those who put the time and effort into developing the required skills to thrive in their new host culture in both work and daily life.  Individually customized for assignees and their families, our Intercultural Skills for Global Success sample curriculum includes six main topics: 

  1. Assignee motivations, goals and challenges
  2. Comparison of home and host cultures
  3. Developing skills for more effective communication across cultures
  4. Doing business in the host culture
  5. Daily life in the host culture
  6. Effective strategies for adaptation

Critical Knowledge 

 for Global Success

(one day)

Building Strategies 

for Global Success

(two day)

Best suited for:

  • Assignees relocating without family members

  • Assignees with limited time for training

  • Partner/spouse who has opted to take the training individually

Best suited for:

  • Assignees relocating with a partner and/or family members

  • First-time assignees (with or without family) who require an     in-depth understanding of both the dynamics of settling into a new culture and deep host country business knowledge

  • Assignees with multiple country responsibilities who need to compare practices across several cultures


  • In-depth consultation with a Daily Living or a Cultural Business Consultant

  • Application exercises and activities

  • Action planning and goal development 

  • One-year subscription to on-line cultural tool Country NavigatorTM


  • In-depth consultations with a Daily Living and a Cultural Business Consultant

  • Application exercises, activities and strategy building around cultural communication styles; business functions and adaptation

  • Additional time to build strategies and raise further questions

  • Joint family activities with the youth trainer and children/teen when applicable

  • One-year subscription to on-line cultural tool Country NavigatorTM 


IOR also offers Youth and Teen Programs

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