Part 1

Short-Term Assignments, Long-Term Success: Essential Training for your STA's

September 25, 2013 l 12:00 pm CDT - 1:00 pm CDT
Presented by IOR Global Services
Charisse Kosova, Director, Intercultural Training
Mark Brown, Language Program Manager

As more companies send a greater number of employees on short-term international assignments, global mobility specialists must manage the unique challenges that arise in the selection, support and reintegration of short-term global assignees. While short-term assignments can be as stressful and intimidating as long-term assignments, there is an added pressure of being expected to “hit the ground running.”  Language and cultural training contribute to a smoother and more productive transition that maximizes the company’s investment. In this session we will discuss:

•    Trends in Multinational Short-Term Assignments
•    Why Short-Term Assignees Need Relocation Support
•    Pre-Assignment Preparation
•    Customization for Short-Term Assignees: How it Differs From Other Assignees
•    What Needs to Happen During the Assignment?
•    When the Assignee Returns