Argentina: Sports                                                   

  • Soccer without a doubt is the most popular sport in Argentina.

  • The Argentine soccer team is one of the most decorated in the world with many international titles. The national team has been the FIFA World Cup champion, Olympic Gold medal winners and they have won the Copa América many times.

  • In Argentina over 540,000 people are registered football players for one club or another. This represents about one in twenty-five adult males.

  • The sport has become increasingly popular among girls and women, who've organized their own national championships starting in 1991 and were South American champions in 2006.

  • Other popular sports are volleyball, basketball, field hockey (the top female sport), golf and sailing.

  • Rugby and polo are two British-influenced sports played in Argentina. In fact, Argentina has the highest number of highly ranked polo players in the world.

  • The national sport of Argentina is pato (photo) which is played with a ball and net while on horseback. The sport has a small, though loyal, following.