Canada: Sports                                                               

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, referred to as hockey, is widely considered Canada's national pastime and is Canada's official winter sport. Hockey is the most popular spectator sport and Canada’s most successful sport in international competition. Hockey enjoys high levels of participation by children, men, and women at various levels of competition. 


Lacrosse (photo), with Aboriginal origins, is Canada's oldest sport and official summer sport.

Canadian Football

A unique form of US-style football, known as Canadian football, is Canada's second most popular spectator sport. The Canadian Football League's annual championship is called the Grey Cup.


European football, or soccer as it is known in both Canadian English and Canadian French, has the most registered players of any sport in Canada, but has never enjoyed sustained popularity as a major spectator sport.

Other Popular Sports

Other popular team sports include: baseball, basketball, curling, street hockey, cricket, rugby, and softball.

Popular individual sports include: auto racing, boxing, cycling, golf, hiking, horse racing, ice skating, rodeo, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, tennis, triathlon, track and field, water sports, and wrestling.