UAE: Sports, Entertainment & Leisure                       

Water Sports  

  • The Arabian Gulf on the western coasts and the Indian Ocean along its eastern shores make the UAE very attractive for water sport lovers. The white sandy beaches are ideal for swimming, sailing, jet skiing, snorkeling and diving. 


  • The UAE is also home to some of the world’s best water parks such as: Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai, Splashland Theme Park in Dubai, Hili Fun City and Ice Rink in Al Ain, Breakwater in Abu Dhabi and, the Aqua Park Dreamland in Umm al Qaiwain. 

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Sports Events

  • The UAE hosts many international sporting events all year round such as: UAE Camel Race (photo), Quad Bike Race, Formula X and the Dubai Autodrome.



  • For thousands of years, falconry has been connected with nobility and wealth. Throughout history, images of kings and sultans can be seen with birds on their arms as they ride out to hunt.
  • Some Gulf countries, like the UAE, have been trying to regulate and protect the bird. In addition to requiring the use of identification, countries like the UAE have also encouraged the breeding of captive birds to try and protect the wild population.


Other Popular Activities

  • Bird watching is a popular activity as is caving, desert safari, horse riding, go carting and dolphin watching. Football (soccer), cricket golf, tennis, and rugby are also common.

UAE star Football (Soccer) Player Ismail Matar (right) is Embraced by his Teammates