Qatar: Sports, Entertainment & Leisure                        

Popular sports in Qatar are:

  • Soccer            Al-Ahli Sports Club

  • Tennis            Qatar ExxonMobil Open

  • Golf                Qatar Masters

  • Cricket            International Cricket Council Affiliate


For thousands of years, falconry has been connected with nobility and wealth. Throughout history, images of kings and sultans can be seen with birds on their arms as they ride out to hunt. Some Gulf countries like Qatar - the first country to accept the use of falcon passports – and the UAE have been trying to regulate and protect the bird. In addition to requiring the use of identification, countries like the UAE have also encouraged the breeding of captive birds to try and protect the wild population.  



Camel Racing

Camel racers used to be children until the practice became outlawed.



Family Activities

There are often family days at shopping malls. Many families enjoy picnicking in the parks. At the Landmark Mall, Circus Land has many activities for youngsters, as does Extreme World at the City Center Mall.  

Oryx and Horses

The oryx (photo) is Qatar’s national animal, and can be seen at the Oryx Farm in Shahaniya. This animal isn’t found anywhere else in the world in such large numbers. You can also visit the Arabian horses at Al Shaqab Stud Farm nearby. Arabian horses are considered another national treasure. The Qatar Race and Equestrian Club welcomes visitors to see its stables.Creative Solutions: A Bathing Suit that Allows
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