Australia: Sports, Entertainment, & Leisure               

  • Although their working hours are comparable to those in the United States, Australians place greater stress on the use of leisure hours. One must work for an income, but the important time is after work and on weekends.

  • Leisure time may be spent at the beach or at home working around the yard and garden. Clubs and social groups are quite popular in Australia.

  • Partly because of the ruggedness of the country, the Australians have become a hardy people. They stress physical fitness and exercise.

  • Australia is known for tennis, golf, swimming, and track and field. Prominent sports figures are national heroes.

  • In contrast to the youth-oriented society of the United States, people of every age in Australia devote a good deal of their time to participating in sports activities.

  • Australian-rules football, soccer, rugby, cricket, bicycling, tennis, lawn bowling, and swimming are all very popular.

  • In contrast to the American philosophy that “winning is every-thing,” Australians value sportsmanship as more important than winning. Crowds often cheer for the underdog.