Chile: Sports & Entertainment                                       

Football (soccer)

Football is the most popular sport in Chile and is practiced by Chileans from all economic backgrounds and ages. Federación de Fútbol de Chile is the governing body of fútbol in Chile. Baby fútbol is a street practice match that is played on concrete. The Estadio Nacional de Chile is located in Santiago and is where the 1962 World Cup finals were held.


Rodeo (photo) is the second most popular sport (after soccer) in Chile. It was declared the national sport in 1962. It has since thrived, especially in the more rural areas of the country. Chilean rodeos are different from rodeos found in North America. In a Chilean rodeo, a team (collera) consists of two riders (huasos). Two horses ride laps around an arena trying to stop a calf by pinning him against large cushions. Points are earned for every time the steer is properly driven around the corral, with deductions for faults. Rodeos are held in a crescent-shaped corral called a medialuna (a half moon).


Skiing, surfing, and basketball are also popular sports in Chile.