USA: Sports & Entertainment                                           

Many Americans really enjoy sports--either participating or watching as a spectator.

Baseball is known as the national pastime. Children learn to play it at school and in their neighborhoods. Some communities have organized leagues for kids. Many adults watch professional baseball on television. The World Series determines which team is the champion.

American football is also popular in the U.S. Many large cities have professional football teams. The Super Bowl Game determines the champions. Many people watch this event on television in January. Many middle schools, high schools, and colleges have football teams.

Hockey, basketball, and soccer are also played at the professional and amateur level in the U.S. Children often join a local league in their community and learn to play these games at school. Some people say that basketball is America’s most played sport. Many houses have basketball hoops mounted in their driveways and most schools and playgrounds have basketball hoops as well.

Jogging, swimming, aerobics, tennis, golf, skiing, sailing, boating, rafting, canoeing, ice-skating, hiking, fishing, bicycling, and Frisbee throwing are also popular sports.