UK: Sports & Entertainment                                             

  • Sir Winston Churchill once stated that sport was the first of all the British amusements. Watching sports is a big interest of the British people. 
  • Soccer, rugby, cricket, and horseracing are popular spectator sports. Tennis matches, such as Wimbledon, are also watched by many.
  • Participating in sports is also popular. School children start early joining in games of soccer, hockey, or rugby in the winter months, and cricket, running, swimming, or tennis in the summer months.
  • The game of cricket is played on a large field with two teams of 11 players, using a red leather ball and a flat wooden bat. It's a combination of US American baseball, soccer, and bowling. 
  • Rugby is a form of football with 15 players on a team. The game’s oval-shaped ball can be kicked or carried down the field. It is similar to US American football, but players have no pads for protection.
  • Fishing is also very popular.
  • Skiing attracts enthusiasts to the Aviemore area in Scotland. Tobogganing (sledding, in US English) and skating are also fun in the winter months.