Session 4: Policy Stratification: What is Your Magic Number?  



November 9, 2011   
Presented by AIRINC
Jessica Hicks, Client Service Manager
Corporate Speaker: Maureen Potts, Mobility Director, GlaxoSmithKline

This session will explore the array of policy types currently in use and the market initiative to “stratify”.  As companies become increasingly mobile with more diverse expatriate populations, the need for more expatriate policies that address the company’s different mobility needs is becoming clearer in benchmark results. Inversely, some global firms are electing to reduce the number of assignment types but delivering more flexibility within each policy, proving more decision power to the business. What approach is right for you? This session will identify the different offerings and key business considerations when designing the optimal mobility program.

  • The benchmark: how are other organizations responding to the need for more flexible mobility packages?
  • Defining your business needs: What are your assignment business drivers and demographics?
  • Evaluating the range of global mobility options: The types of assignments are out there and the package attributes associated with them.
  • Finding the balance: What approach is best for your organization?