Session 2:  Immigration for a Global Workforce – Policies to Meet New Expectations


October 26, 2011  
Presented by Fragomen  
Scott Cooper, Partner
Corporate Speaker: Sharon Brynes, Director, International Assignments, Stryker Corporation

The days of “H-1B to green card” are giving way to those where a global workforce requires more sophisticated policies and approaches to support employees with multiple citizenships and residencies, spouses acquired and children born abroad during assignments, and extensive business travel in a world of increasingly restrictive immigration rules and procedures. This session will review what can and should companies be doing to support growing needs and expectations and for what must the employee assume responsibility.

  • Examples of immigration challenges presented by the new global workforce
  • What support must the employer provide vs. what is optional
  • Division of responsibility between the employer and individual
  • Developing a sensible policy approach