IOR Director, Intercultural Training & Development, Charisse Kosova to Lead HRMAC Panel

OR Global Services is pleased to announce Charisse Kosova, M.Ad.Ed., Director, Intercultural Training & Development, will lead a panel discussion for the HRMAC International Interest Group on January 21, 2016 in Chicago, IL.

The session, Building Virtual Working Relationships Across Cultures, will feature experts from around the globe addressing how to build effective relationships across cultures in a virtual work environment. Topics will include communication styles, building relationships through email and conducting virtual meetings.
“The best way to learn how to work effectively across cultures is from others who are willing to share their stories of both setbacks and success,” says Charisse. “I’m looking forward to an engaging discussion around the insights these highly-experienced panelists have gained from working in Asia, Europe, India and Latin America.”

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