Qatar: Religion                                                   


Native-born Qataris are all Muslims (followers of Islam). However, foreign workers are Muslim, Hindu, and Christian among other faiths. The majority of Qataris are Sunni Muslims. There is a small Shia minority.


Daily Prayer

There are many sacred aspects to the faith. One is the importance that prayer, considered an act of worship, plays in the devout Muslim daily routine. Observant Muslims pray five times each day while facing Mecca. Because daytime length changes throughout the year, the prayer times also change. Often prayer times are posted in public places for easy reference.


Prescribed times for prayer are named:

  1. Fajr                one hour before sunrise
  2. Dhur               at noon
  3. Asr                  mid-afternoon
  4. Maghreb         sunset
  5. Isha                about 90 minutes after sunset


Five Basic Rules of the Islamic Faith

1.  Belief in one God, Allah and his prophet Muhammad

2.  Pray five times a day

3.  Fast during the month of       Ramadan

4.  Give alms

5.  Make a pilgrimage to Mecca,      Saudi Arabia (photo) at least      once in a lifetime



The following are considered unclean and should not to be touched or swallowed:

  • Pigs and pork meat
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Human or animal excrement
  • Carcasses of dead animals
  • Dogs - They may be kept for security reasons—but only outside of the house.