Poland: Religion                                                

Did you know that…


…the Venerable Pope John Paul II (photo) was born in Poland? He has been the only Polish Pope to date, and was the first non-Italian Pope since Dutch Pope Adrian VI in 1522. He served from 1978 until his death over 26 years later.



Influence of Religion

  • Most people in Poland are Christian
    • 89.8%            Roman Catholic
    • 1.3%              Eastern Orthodox


  • Not all Poles actively practice their faith. They do not necessarily attend Sunday mass every week but the influence of religion is still present in the schools, in politics and in cultural life.


  • The Eastern Orthodox Church also has some influence, but it is not as present as the Roman Catholic Church.


  • Most Poles are proud of Pope John Paul II.


  • There are not many Buddhist nor Muslim communities in the country.