Qatar: Perception                                               

Relax… and put your feet up. Think again!


  • In some Arab cultures, as in other cultures, to show a person the bottom of your shoe is a major insult. It is seen as displaying your lowest, filthiest body part.

  • It's also considered a bad idea to put one's shoes on a desk or other piece of furniture. This is also the case is Japan, Thailand and France, where these moves are considered taboo.

  • An equivalent gesture in the United States might be to flash your bare bottom.


How would you feel if someone did that to you while in a school classroom?

How Some Qataris Might View US Americans:

—  Are obsessed with time and deadlines
—  Think they know everything and are always right
—  Live to work
—  Have too little respect for people’s feelings and for relationships
—  Are only really interested in money
—  Have too little appreciation for elegance and finesse
—  Are very modern, innovative, and advanced
—  Are always rushed  
—  Are very informal  
—  Are naïve  
—  Are rich  
—  Are friendly  
—  Are happy  
—  Don’t value family  
—  Behave less morally than they do