Yemen: Overview                                                           

Capital                      Sana’a 


Population               27,392,779 (2016)


Ethnic Groups        

  • Arab (predominant)

  • Afro-Arab

  • South Asians

  • Europeans



Muslim (Sunni 65%; Shia 35%)                           99.1%


(includes Jewish, Baha'i, Hindu and Christian; many are refugees or temporary foreign residents)                      




  • Arabic (official)

  • Socotri (widely used on Socotra Island and archipelago)

  • Mahri (widely spoken in eastern Yemen)



1918 North Yemen became independent from the Ottoman Empire. 


1962 – North Yemen became a republic with the overthrow of the theocratic Imamate.


November 30, 1967 – South Yemen became independent from the UK.


May 22, 1990 – Republic of Yemen was established with the merger of the Yemen Arab Republic (Sana’a or North Yemen) and the Marxist-dominated People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (Aden or South Yemen).