Japan: Overview                                                   

Capital                                 Tokyo, Japan 


Government                       Parliamentary constitutional monarchy 


Population                          126,919,659 (July 2015) 


Ethnic Groups                    Japanese       98.5%

                                          Koreans          0.5%

                                          Chinese          0.4%

                                          Other             0.6%


Note: Up to 230,000 Brazilians of Japanese origin migrated to Japan in the 1990s to work; some have returned to Brazil.


Religion                              Shinto            79.2%

                                          Buddhism       66.8%

                                          Christianity      1.5%

                                          Other              7.1%


Language                            Japanese 


Independence                    May 3, 1947: Current   

                                          constitution adopted as amendment to Meiji Constitution.

                                          November 29, 1890: Meiji Constitution provides for a

                                          constitutional monarchy.

                                          660 BC: Traditional date of the founding of the nation by

                                          Emperor Jimmu.



Can you find your city?


What bodies of water surround Japan? 


Can you find the capital of Japan?


What countries are near Japan?


What do you think the climate is like in Japan?


Can you label your new city?


Can you draw in and label the important mountain ranges and rivers in Japan?


Can you label the major bodies of water that border Japan?