USA: New Year's Eve & Day                                              

In the US, New Year is a time for parties and celebration. For most people, it is not particularly a family holiday or one that involves religious ceremonies or rituals.

It is traditional to throw confetti (tiny pieces of paper) into the air, wear silly hats, blow small horns, kiss the person you came to the party with (and anyone standing nearby too), drink champagne (for adults), sing and shout “Happy New Year!”

Many people turn on the TV at midnight to watch a huge ball slide down a 77-foot pole in Times Square in New York City. The ball touches the bottom of the pole at exactly midnight in NYC.

On January 1, many Americans watch college football on TV.  The three best-known games are the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Sugar Bowl. All are played on New Year’s Day. Before the Rose Bowl, many people watch the Tournament of Roses Parade in which all of the floats are made with real flowers.

Besides parties and football, another tradition on the first day of January is to make a list of “New Year’s Resolutions.” A resolution is a promise to yourself.  Many people resolve to finish long-term projects, lose weight, stop smoking, or learn a new language. This is also a good chance to think about the past year.

What will your new year’s resolution be?