Costa Rica: National Symbols                                           

What do you think each symbol stands for or means to Costa Ricans?


Yigüirro, the clay colored thrush, is not the most colorful bird but is prized for its song. Because of its beautiful melodious singing, that always comes during the start of the rainy season, the bird is the official symbol of the nation of Costa Rica.


Guanacaste Tree is a flowering tree in the pea family found in abundance in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. It is prized for its shade and size and for this reason is the national tree of the country.



Painted Oxcarts symbolize the farmer’s life and his/her patience to persevere—slowly but steadily. Since 1840, the oxcart became the main means of transportation—passing through mud, sand, dirt, up mountains and across plains. 1988 the oxcart was even used as the symbol of the National Labor political party.



The Purple Orchid is one of the many varieties of orchids that thrive in the country of Costa Rica where there are over 1,300 species of orchids. The guaria morada is sometimes associated with the beauty of the Costa Rican people, and the purple bloom also represents the abundance, fragility and elegance of nature.