Canada: National Symbols                                               

Red and White

  • In 1921, King George V proclaimed the official colors of Canada as red, from Saint George's Cross, and white, from the French royal emblem since King Charles VII.

Maple Leaf

  • The maple leaf (photo) has served as a symbol celebrating the nature and environment of what is now Canada since the 1700’s.


  • The scarlet-coated peace officers (photo) that are so much a symbol of Canada to outsiders are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, usually referred to as The RCMP and sometimes as “Mounties.”  They were formed during the Red River Rebellion to bring law and order to the isolated Canadian outposts.
  • The RCMP is the country’s sole federal police force, and it acts as the provincial police in eight of the provinces. (Ontario and Québec have their own provincial police forces).
  • The Mounties wear their scarlet tunics only on ceremonial occasions and at tourist sites.  Their “working” uniform is brown with a standard police hat.
  • The Mounties’ motto is “Uphold the Law.”