UK: National Symbols                                                     

Can you name the national symbols of England in the photos above?

Big Ben – name given to the clock tower at the Parliament in London.

Telephone box – (aka telephone booth in American English) although more and more rare, it remains an iconic image of England.

Oak tree – national tree that represents strength and endurance. With its 800+ year-old oak trees, Sherwood Forest is where Robin Hood is believed to have operated.

Royal Banner of England – does not represent any particular area or land, but rather symbolizes the sovereignty held by the rulers of England.

Football (“soccer” in North American English) – one of the most popular sports in England.

Tea – Adapted as a national symbol of England in 2006, tea is also drunk widely in Scotland and Wales. It also links England to the British Empire (i.e. India).

Lion – The Barbary lion is the national animal of England. It is associated with bravery. King Richard I was known as Richard the Lionheart. The England National Cricket Team has a lion mascot. Trafalgar Square in London depicts a lion as the center sculpture.

Fish and chips – a classic English fast food meal found all over the country, often served in newspaper.

Rose – the national flower of England. Used as the symbol of the English Golf Union and the England National Union Rugby Team.

Brolly (“umbrella” in North American English) – the unofficial symbol of England due to the amount of rainfall. More than half of the days are overcast. Never leave home without your brolly!