Intercultural Coaching

Know As You GoSM

Intercultural Coaching Series

Launching Your Global Assignment

All programs include: Country NavigatorTM

  • Personalized cultural profile with a comparison to the destination 

  • Practical online information about the destination including country and cultural overviews, communication styles, and business protocols 

  • Brief, insightful e-learning modules including native insights into cultural themes and an overview of the cultural adjustment process

Also Includes:

  • One 90-minute coaching session, conducted by an IOR intercultural coach that can be delivered virtually and scheduled at their convenience, pre-departure or post-arrival

Also Includes:

  • Initial 2-hour session followed by 3 flexible 1-hour intercultural coaching sessions facilitated by an IOR intercultural coach with country-specific expertise

  • Individualized action planning based on immediate challenges

  • Strategy development for working with colleagues in other countries and regions

Also Includes:

  • Streamlined version of IOR’s intercultural training for employee only

  • Facilitation by an IOR intercultural trainer along with a country specific Daily Living or Intercultural Business consultant

  • Action planning and goal development