Integrated Global Mobility & Talent Management Solutions

Global assignments are essential for developing talent with a high level of intercultural competence.  This in turn generates innovation for organizations.  The integration between Global Mobility and Talent Management is well underway and IOR provides clients with customized solutions and measurable results to support this processPre-decision Services proactively create talent pools, assist with strategic candidate decisions and help avoid reactive searches that produce less than optimal results.  The SAGE assessment tool, webcasts and coaching sessions help to educate potential candidates about the unique nature and complex challenges of global assignments.  Better decision making on the front end of global assignments leads to higher retention of global assignees upon return and greater value for the company.

It is increasingly important for Global Mobility to be able to measure and demonstrate the value of a global assignment.  IOR can provide a measurement of an assignee’s level of intercultural competence – a critical success factor for managers and business leaders of global companies.  IOR offers pre and post assignment measurement of intercultural competence using the IDI assessment tool.  We also provide customized coaching based on developmental metrics to help ensure a successful assignment and workforce reintegration upon assignment completion.

Companies need to leverage their internal talent to mentor future global assignees as they begin new assignments.  Using the GCI assessment tool helps identify and develop assignees into global mentors as they return from their assignments to their home country.  Recognizing and harnessing the knowledge and experience of newly returned assignees is critical for both their engagement and retention levels.  IOR can help you create a strong network of global mentors to capitalize on your talent investment and help ensure the success of new global assignees.


Integrating Global Mobility & Talent Management

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