Part 3

Immigration Challenges for Today's Global Workforce

October 9, 2013 l 12:00 pm CDT - 1:00 pm CDT
Presented by Fragomen
Scott Cooper, Partner and Managing Attorney

With companies dispatching a greater number of employees around the world comes a higher risk of immigration violations. Managing this critical function for a modern day, highly mobile workforce calls for a sophisticated policy and compliance driven approach. Learn about the many factors you must contemplate to avoid visa disasters for you, your employees and your company.

  • Learn how changes in the type of assignees and travelers requires development or updating of corporate immigration policies
  • Discover how the world economy has resulted in tighter visa and immigration rules and procedures
  • Prepare for the process, documents, and procedures which can be involved in obtaining work and other visas and residence in different countries
  • Listen to a corporate viewpoint on putting a sensible and compliant policy in place

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