Poland: Holidays                                                      

National Holidays:

January 1                                           New Year’s Day


May 1                                                 State Holiday


May 3                                                 Constitution day

November 11                                                Independence day


Christian Religious Holidays:

March/April                                         Easter Sunday + Monday 


7th Sunday after Easter                       Pentecost Sunday


9th Thursday after Easter                    Corpus Christi


August 15                                          Assumption of Virgin Mary


November 1                                       All Saints’ Day


December 25                                    Christmas Day


December 26                                    Second Day of Christmas



Note: Under communist rule, May 1st was celebrated as Labor Day with government-endorsed parades and concerts. In 1989, the Sejm (lower house of parliament) decided to give it the neutral name of “State Holiday.” In addition, May 3rd was designated “Constitution Day,” so that Poles now have two public holidays in one week. It is customary to bridge the gap by taking a day's leave on May 2nd.

Wawel Cathedral, built in the 14th century, is located inside a castle and is the state's spiritual center.