France: Holidays                                                  

Bastille Day The 14th of July is a national holiday in France. It is called Bastille Day. In 1789, the poor people of Paris captured the Bastille Prison. This started the French Revolution. Every year, the French celebrate with parties and fireworks.

1 January                  New Year's Day                   Jour de l’an

Varibale                    Easter                                 Pâques

Varibale                    Easter Monday                     Lundi Pâques

1 May                       Labour Day                          Fête du Travail

8 May                       Victory in Europe Day           Victoire 1945 (end of World War II)

Varaible                    Ascension Day                     Ascension (40 days after Easter)

Variable                    Pentecost                            Pentecôte (7th Sunday after Easter)

Variable                    Whit Monday                       (Monday after Pentecost)

14 July                      Bastille Day                        Fête Nationale

15 August                 Assumption of Mary             Assomption

1 November              All Saints' Day                    Toussaint

11 November            Veterans Day                      Armistice 1918 (end of World War I)

25 December            Christmas Day                     Noël