Australia: Historical Overview                                             

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40,000 - 50,000 B.C.            Aboriginal tribes in Australia


A.D. 1606                             Captain Willeim Jansz sights Australia


1616 – 1629                         Dutch exploration of Australian coast


1770                                     Captain Cook claims New South Wales for Great Britain


1779                                      Sir Joseph Banks sends British convicts to Australia


1788                                      British penal colony established; Sydney founded


1817                                      First bank established in Sydney


1850                                      First university established


1868                                      Great Britain stops sending convicts to Australia


1901                                      The Commonwealth of Australia is formed


1914                                      Australia becomes involved in World War I


1927                                      Canberra becomes the capital of Australia


1939                                      Australia becomes involved in World War II


1963                                      Aboriginals given full rights as citizens


1988                                      Australia celebrates its bicentennial