USA: Growing Up in the USA                                            

A typical day begins in the morning with breakfast. Sometimes you might have cereal, fruit, bacon and eggs, or pancakes. Then it’s off to school. You might walk, ride the school bus, or go in a car. Usually the school day in middle schools and high schools starts earlier and ends earlier than in elementary schools.

Children begin attending school in kindergarten at the age of 5. School usually lasts one-half day. First grade through fifth grade is called elementary school. Schools usually start at 8AM and ends at 3PM.

After school, kids eat snacks, play with friends, play sports, and do their homework. Sometimes, if both parents work, they may go to an after-school program.

After elementary school, students go to middle (a.k.a. junior high) school.  Students “change classes” and have several different teachers during the day depending on the subject. Upon graduating middle school, students attend high school where they receive credit for each class taken.

Students need a certain number of credits and types of classes before they can graduate. They may choose to participate in school-sponsored sports or clubs after school.  Many students enroll in college or university after high school. Others may choose to attend trade schools or join the armed forces.