Switzerland: Geography                                               


Can you find your new city?

What large lake is it closest to? 

Can you find the capital of Switzerland?

What countries are neighbors to Switzerland?

What do you think the climate will be like in Switzerland?

Can you label your city?

Can you draw in and label the important mountain ranges and rivers in Switzerland?

Can you label the countries that border Switzerland?

  • Switzerland is a landlocked nation located in south-central Europe.

What do you think “landlocked” means?

  •  Jura Mountains - The highest mountain range lies along the western border. The region is home to the watch making industry, dairy farming and lumbering. 


  •  Swiss Plateau - The most fertile farmlands came be found in this region. This region is the home of many manufacturing industries.


  • Swiss Alps - This region covers 60% of Switzerland and is part of the largest mountain range in Europe. Switzerland has many forests.