Brazil: Map                                                   

What body of water is closest to Brazil?  

Can you find the capital of Brazil?  

What countries touch Brazil?  

What do you think the climate is like in Brazil?



Which ocean borders the country of Brazil?


Where are the closest mountains?


In what continent is Brazil located?

Brazil occupies an immense area along the eastern coast of South America and includes much of the continent’s interior region. The size, topography, climate, and natural resources render Brazil geographically diverse. The country is divided into 5 regions: North, Northeast, Southeast, South, and Center-­‐West.


North                            Includes most of the Amazon Basin and covers 45% of the

                                     national territory, but only 7% of the population lives there.


Northeast                     The eastward bulge of the country. It was the first area to be

                                     settled by Europeans. Its semi-­‐arid interior, the sertão, is

                                     largely used for livestock ranching. Much of the population of 

                                     the Northeast lives in poverty.


Southeast                     The demographic and economic core of the nation. Brazil’s two

                                     largest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (photo), are located

                                     here. 43% of the population lives in the Southeast.


South                            The smallest region and is quite distinct because it was settled

                                     primarily by European immigrants in the late 19th century. The

                                     region has a culture that is more European than other areas of

                                     the nation.


Center-­‐West                Landlocked, thinly populated region that includes Brasília, the

                                     national capital.