Poland: Geography                                        

Area                                        312,685 sq km

(slightly smaller than New Mexico, USA)

                                    Mostly flat plains; Carpathian Mountains (photo) are on the southern border


Highest Point                        Rysy 2,499 meters


Natural Resources               Coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt, amber, arable land.


Geo-Divisions                        16 Provinces (see map below)

European Union: Map                              


  • The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of member states located in Europe.


  • The EU's membership has grown from the original 6 founding states of: Belgium, France, (then-West) Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


  • Committed to regional integration, the EU was established by the Treaty of Maastricht in 1993 upon the foundations of the European Communities.


  • Some EU member states have adopted a common currency, the Euro (image), constituting the Eurozone.


  • Not all countries in Europe are in the EU.


  • Passport controls are no longer required by some of the EU members and by some non-EU countries who signed the Schengen Agreement.


  • The EU has over 500 million citizens.


  • EU member nations share a common flag (image).