The Netherlands: Geography & Climate                    


  • On the map above you will note that the Netherlands is broken into provinces. 


  • There is often some confusion about the name of the Netherlands. Some people call the Netherlands “Holland.” But the words are not synonymous. (They don’t mean the same thing.) Holland is actually only a small part of the Netherlands. Take another look at the map above. Can you find the provinces of North Holland and South Holland?

Can you find your city?

What body of water is closest to the Netherlands? 

Can you find the capital of the Netherlands?

What countries touch the Netherlands?

What do you think the climate is like in the Netherlands?

Can you label your city?

Can you draw in and label the important mountain ranges and rivers in the Netherlands?

Can you label the major bodies of water that border the Netherlands?


Mouths of 3 major European rivers: Rhine, Maas or Meuse and Schelde


41,543 sq km

Area Comparative

Slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey, USA


Mostly coastal lowland and reclaimed land (polders)

Some hills in southeast

Natural Resources

Natural gas





Sand and gravel

Arable land

Natural Hazards


Environmental Issues

Water pollution in the form of heavy metals, organic compounds and nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates

Air pollution from vehicles and refining activities

Acid rain


Explore the world's climate zones here! Search for the Netherlands and discover where each zone listed above is located within the country.



Cool summers

Mild winters