UK: Geography & Climate                                               

Area                                               244,820 sq km 

Area Comparative                         Slightly smaller than Oregon, USA


Mostly rugged hills and low mountains; level to rolling plains in east and southeast.

Natural Resources                       

Coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, lead, zinc, gold, tin, limestone, salt, clay, chalk, gypsum, potash, silica sand, slate, arable land.

Geography Note                          

 The UK lies near vital North Atlantic sea lanes and is only 35 km from France. The two countries are linked by tunnel under the English Channel. Because of the heavily indented coastline, no location is more than 125 km from tidal waters.


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Temperate; moderated by prevailing southwest winds over the North Atlantic Current. More than half of the days are overcast.

Natural Hazards         Winter windstorms and floods. Occasional snow.