USA: Fourth of July                                                          

The most patriotic holiday in the US is Independence Day (a.k.a. The Fourth of July). On July 4th, Americans commemorate the day in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence from Britain was adopted. With the passing of time, the US and England have become allies, so today, the holiday is a happy, friendly celebration.

Food, clothes, balloons, hats, and signs are decorated in red, white, and blue. Stars and stripes from the US flag are everywhere. Friends and families gather for picnics. Hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, potato chips, and ice cream are the traditional foods. Most towns have a fireworks display after dark. Find where your closest (or largest) fireworks show will be, take a blanket to sit on, and enjoy the display!

Gift-giving and cards are not a traditional part of the holiday. Federal, state, and local government offices and many stores and businesses will be closed. However, stores that sell hot dogs, charcoal, and watermelon may stay open!