Poland: Food                                               

Popular Dishes

  • Polish cuisine usually includes soups, meat and dishes made with potatoes.

  • Poles often eat dumplings which are called pierogi (photo). The most common ones are filled with cottage cheese and potatoes but they can also be made with meat, cabbage, mushrooms or sometimes fruit.

  • Meals often include bigos (cabbage with mushrooms, tomato sauce and meat) that is cooked over a long duration.

  • Poles enjoy cold meats such as sausage and ham.

  • A typical meal might include schabowy (pork chops) with potatoes and surówka (a raw vegetable salad).


Meal Times

  • Traditionally, there are 3 main meals during the day:

    • Breakfast is around 8AM before going to school.

    • Lunch is usually at about 3PM.

    • Supper is after 6PM.

  • Nowadays, at about noon, many people have lunch which is called second breakfast. However, the time for each meal can differ depending on school hours.



  • When eating, it is important to mind correct cutlery useage.



  • Drinks are mostly juice, water, tea and coffee.

  • Coffee shops (photo) are popular places to meet friends.

  • Adult Poles tend to prefer rather strong alcoholic drinks. Although beer and wine are common, Polish adults often enjoy vodka.

  • In Poland you have to be 18 to buy and drink any alcoholic beverage.

  • Poles like giving toasts when drinking and the most common phrase is Na zdrowie!