Peru: Food                                                 

Introduction to Peruvian Cuisine
Cuisine in Peru varies from region to region. Popular foods include: rice, beans, fish, meat, potatoes, maize, sweet potatoes, and a variety of tropical fruits, some of which are not well known outside of Peru. Soups are common and vegetables are usually eaten in-season.

Maize (corn), native to Peru, is the staple for Native Americans.

Guinea pig
Guinea pig is a traditional dish and is still eaten in some areas.

Ceviche (marinated shellfish) (photo) is popular on the coast.

Highland Foods
Potatoes, onions, and garlic are often used in dishes in the highlands.

Purchasing Food
Most food is purchased on a daily basis, either in small corner shops or in large open-air markets. Bargaining at markets is common.

Manners & Etiquette
It is considered good manners to eat all the food that is on your plate. Usually an explanation is in order when food is left on the plate. Table manners are considered important. Both hands (but not elbows) are kept above the table at all times. Meals are occasions for light conversation.


Can you recognize some of the dishes in the photo?


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