Argentina: Food                                                     

Check out what Argentines eat and how it has changed from 1961-2011 by finding the "pie" chart for Argentina on the right side.

  • The cuisine of Argentina is derived predominantly from the cuisines of Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

  • Besides many of the pasta, sausage and dessert dishes common to continental Europe, Argentines enjoy a wide variety of indigenous creations, which include empanadas (a stuffed pastry) (photo to the right), locro (a mixture of corn, beans, meat, bacon, onion and gourd), humitas and yerba mate—which is widely considered to be Argentina's national beverage.

  • Other popular items include chorizo (a spicy sausage), facturas (Viennese-style pastry) and dulce de leche.

  • Argentine barbecue, asado (photo below) is one of the most famous in the world and includes various types of meats, among them chorizo, sweetbread, chitterlings and morcilla (blood sausage).
Fact: Argentines consume the most amount of red meat in the world! 
  • Thin sandwiches (sandwiches de miga) are also popular.

  • Spanish conquistadores named the natives' sour drink chimarrão or cimarrón.

  • Cimarrón is a traditional beverage prepared with yerba maté leaves (image to the right) and hot (not boiled) water.

  • It can also be served cold (téréré).

  • Cimarrón is considered the national drink in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, eastern Bolivia, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

  • A metal straw (bombilla) (photo below) is used to drink this tea-like beverage that contains caffeine.