Russia: Food                                                            

Check out what Russians eat and how it has changed from 1961-2011 by finding the "pie" chart for Russia on the right side!

  • The Russian diet consists of the following main ingredients: fish, potatoes, meat, cabbage, bread and meat dumplings.
  • Most Russians love sweets and their teeth prove this fact!
  • Approximately 95% of the population has (at least) some false teeth! Even high school children have golden caps!

  • In Russia, there is an abundance of raw smoked salmon as well as various salads created with eggs, cabbage, mayonnaise and beets. Beets are often consumed in the form of a soup called borshch (often referred to as borscht in the US).
  • Many Russians love to have picnics in the forest on the weekends. They often cook shaschlick (shishkebab) over an open fire.
  • From their little dachas (garden homes), Russians cultivate all types of edible berries and fruits which they then use to make jams and preservatives.

  • Many Russians are fascinated with bananas but they are such expensive import products that they are rarely eaten.
  • Favorite drinks are tea, vodka, and champagne.