Spain: Food                                                             

Check out what Spanish eat and how it has changed from 1961-2011 by finding the "pie" chart for Spain on the right side!

Patatas bravas                 

Fried potato chunks cooked in garlic and paprika.

Tortilla Española              

Omelet with onions and potatoes inside. It can be made with spinach and chorizo as well. This round dish is sliced and served like a pie.


Cold tomato, red pepper and cucumber puréed soup made with bread, olive oil and other spices.


Saffron-infused rice served with meat or seafood and shellfish on top.

Pimientos de Padrón       

Blistered, pan-friend, green peppers served with sea salt and olive oil. The fried peppers are served as finger food or “tapas” (small bites). Only about one in ten of the small green peppers from the Spanish municipality of Padrón, in Galicia, are spicy, while the rest are as mild as a green bell pepper. The exciting part is that it's pretty much impossible to tell them apart until you actually put one your mouth. It's part of what makes eating them so exciting!