Germany: Food                                                           

Check out what Germans eat and how it has changed from 1961-2011 by finding the "pie" chart for Germany on the right side!

  • Sausages are a German specialty with an estimated 1,500 varieties. The hot dog originated in Germany. Long sausages are typically served on small rolls with German mustard.


  • A popular street snack is pomme frites (French fries, in French) which are served with mayonnaise or ketchup.


  • Other favorite meats are veal and pork. Schnitzel (SCHNIT-sal) is a breaded pan-fried meat dish. Meat is usually served with potatoes.


  • On the north coast of Germany, people eat eel (a snake-like fish) mixed with fruit.


  • Germany is also famous for its Black Forest cake.


  • Besides traditional food, most Germans enjoy many international foods.


  • The main meal of the day is usually served at lunch. A Mittagessen (full lunch) might consist of soup with noodles and meat with salad or vegetables. Ice cream or applesauce might be served as dessert.


  • In the afternoon (time permitting), it is quite popular to break for coffee and cake (Kaffee und Kuchen) break.


  • At Christmas time, many people eat Stollen, a kind of fruitcake.


  • A year-round favorite pastry filled with jam is called a Berliner.


  • Dinner is often a lighter meal than lunch and might include cold cuts and breads or an omelet with potatoes or salad.