Chile: Food                                                                   

Chilean food is quite diverse because of the geography of the long and thin country. The food is generally not spicy like Mexican food. Chilean wine is world-renowned.

Below are some popular dishes:

Bistec a lo pobre: steak, French fries, fried onions, topped with fried eggs (photo).

Carbonada: meat soup with finely diced beef and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli, green pepper and parsley.

Chancho en piedra: a typical Chilean seasoning made with tomatoes, garlic, and onions ground together.

Empanadas: baked turnovers (photo) filled with meat, hard-boiled eggs, onions, cheese, olives, or raisins.

Ensalada a la chilena: sliced tomatoes and onions with an oil dressing.

Parillada: a mixed grill including intestines, udders, and blood sausage.

Pastel de choclo: a typical Chilean summer dish. Ground corn and meat, chopped onions, small pieces of chicken, pieces of hard boiled egg, olives, and raisins baked in clay oven. Similar to shepherd's pie.

Sopaipillas: deep-fried pumpkin dough—a particular favorite with children.

Lucuma: a native type of eggfruit with a soft and very pleasant taste (photo). Highly nutritious. Most commonly used in deserts and ice-creams.