Canada: Food                                                                  

Regional Food Preferences:

  • Along the Atlantic coast, seafood and dishes derived from English traditions are common.
  • In Québec, favorite foods come from their French heritage.
  • Throughout Canada, maple syrup (photo) and maple products are popular—especially in the east where maple syrup is produced.

Three Meals a Day

  • Most Canadians eat three meals each day, with breakfast featuring cold cereal with mild, pastries, fruit juices, and hot beverages like coffee or tea.
  • For lunch, Canadians may enjoy a sandwich or soup; students may carry a ham and cheese sandwich, chips or pretzels, and fruit to eat a noon during the school lunch break.
  • For dinner, Canadians may have seafood (especially on the west and east coasts), beef (western Canada, especially Alberta), or chicken or pork. After dinner desserts often feature maple syrup such as maple syrup upside-down cake and maple ice-cream sundae.


Many Canadians enjoy gravy, serving it frequently with potatoes prepared in many different ways. Pictured is the very distinct Québécois dish called poutine. It is made with French fries, cheese curd and meat gravy. It is so popular that even McDonald’s offers it on the menu!