Brazil: Food                                                                    

Check out what Brazilians eat and how it has changed from 1961-2011 by finding the "pie" chart for Brazil on the right side!

  • The staples of the Brazilian diet are white rice, dried beans and manioc flour that are usually combined with steak, chicken or fish.
  • On the streets of Brazil you will find small bars serving freshly squeezed juice from a huge selection of tropical fruits.
  • Brazilians enjoy drinking very strong coffee with sugar served in tiny cups. This style of coffee is called cafezinho.
  • Some favorite Brazilian dishes include:


Moqueca         A seafood stew flavored with dende (palm fruit) oil         and sometimes flavored with coconut milk.

Caruru             Okra and other vegetables mixed with shrimp,               onions and peppers

Feijoada          A black bean and meat stew

Acaraje           Beans mashed in salt and onions and then fried in                                    dende oil. The fried balls are filled with seafood, manioc                                       paste, dried shrimp, pepper and tomato sauce.