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Check out what Americans eat and how it has changed from 1961-2011 by finding the "pie" chart for the USA on the right side!

The US is known for its inexpensive fast food whose major companies have started operations around the world. There are drive-through windows where you can order your food without getting out of the car so you can take your food with you to eat it elsewhere or sometimes people eat it in their cars. Pizza and other foods can be delivered to your home by ordering by telephone. Fast food is sometimes called “take out” when you don’t eat it in the restaurant.

Many American families want to spend their time on other activities besides cooking, so boxed, frozen, and canned foods are quick ways to prepare a meal. Families tend to eat a light breakfast and lunch. The evening meal, called supper or dinner, usually consists of bigger portions. It might consist of a meat, potato or rice, cooked vegetable, fresh green salad, and bread. Or it might be a casserole of ingredients all mixed together. If in a hurry, sometimes a frozen meal is bought and then cooked in the oven or microwave.

Sometimes on the weekends, breakfast is the larger meal. It might consist of juice, scrambled or fried eggs, hash-browned potatoes, bacon or sausage, biscuits or toast, and fresh fruit. Sometimes pancakes or waffles with syrup are eaten.

Americans also enjoy ethnic dishes or regional dishes from their own family traditions. Also, “health foods” and “diet foods” are becoming increasingly popular since Americans tend to worry about being overweight.